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En Venta Apple I-phone 3G, Nokia N95, HTC P5500 (HTC Nike)PlayStation

IPHONE 2 WORLD LTD present to you all kind of phone, plasma tv, games, laptops, Etc
Introducing the new iPhone 3G! 3G gives you fast access to the Internet and email over your cellular network. And 3G makes it easier to multitask: When connected via 3G, you can surf the web even while you're on a call.

An iPod, phone, and an internet mobile communicator in one device. 3.5 inch wide touchscreen display with multi-touch support.

  ; Comes with a 2 megapixel camera with 16 GB of storage.
PremierLtdstrive to offer high-quality products at competitive prices. All of our products are brand new,never used, never rebuilt.

We maintain multiple-supplier sources for our products as a means of being able to continually offer the best products at the best prices.

All of our products are backed by a 90-days, money-back guarantee. Contact us for further informations about extended warranty from manufacturer.

We guarrantee 48 hours delivery via FedEx courier service
Kindly Read Our Return Policy Process As Stated Below:

Before you return your items, you must contact us and receive a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA).Any returns sent without an RMA number will not be accepted by Quebec Stock Pro. We assume all responsibility for the package until it arrives at our office/delivery location.

Please include the following information when returning an item:

1) Your RMA number on your invoice (Do not write on the items box).
2) A copy of your original invoice with the RMA number (inside the shipping box).
3) A note stating the problem if you would like the return for replacement or exchange.

We offer prompt shipping from our warehouse,typically the product will arrive within 48hours via FedEx/Ups courier service.

For more information Regarding Purchase and other items we don't have in our list Kindly Contact us via mobile2worldltd007 @ hotmail .com and kindly get to us with the specified item(s) you would like to order including number of units so We look forward in placing your Order with Us and giving you the most competent services as we are Using this Medium to Look For Buyers Of Various Electronics.
You can contact us for more information at:

Email:-(iphone2worldltd @ gmail .com)
Email:-(mobile2worldltd007 @ hotmail .com)
Email:-(mobile2worldltd007 @ yahoo .com)
TelePhone Number : +447045762494

Below is the our company price list:

Apple Iphone 3G 16GB (Unlocked)===$400
Apple Iphone 3G 8GB (Unlocked)===$380
Apple Iphone 3G 4GB (Unlocked)===$290
Apple iPhone 4GB (Unlocked)===$240
Apple iPhone 8GB (Unlocked)===$250
Apple iPhone 16GB (Unlocked)===$270
Apple iPhone Gold 24K 16GB unlocked===$450
Apple iTouch 32gb (Unlocked)===$200

Nokia Phones.
Nokia N97 32GB Mobile Phone===$400
Nokia N96 Mobile Phone===$300
Nokia N95 8GB 3G Mobile Phone===$250
Nokia N79 Mobile Phone===$300
Nokia N85 Mobile Phone===$200
Nokia E71 Mobile Phone===$200
Nokia E66 Mobile Phone===$200
Nokia E71-2 Mobile Phone===$250
Nokia N78 Mobile Phone===$240
Nokia E90 Communicator===$200
Nokia N77 Mobile Phone===$250
Nokia N75 Mobile Phone===$230
Nokia N76 Mobile Phone===$220
Nokia N95 Mobile Phone===$280
Nokia N81 8GB Mobile Phone===$200
Nokia 8800 Arte Mobile Phone===$240
Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte===$250
GOLD Nokia 8800 Arte Diamond 24K Saphire===$500

Motorola phone.
Motorola ZINE ZN5===$200
Motorola Z6w===$150
Motorola MOTO Q9 Napoleon===$200
Motorola MING2 A1600===$180
Motorola A1800===$200
Motorola MPx220===$140
Motorola MOTO Q9c===$190
Motorola RAZR2 V8===$150
Motorola MOTO Q8===$160
Motorola ROKR E8===$160

Sony Ericsson Phones:
Sony Ericsson W1 Mobile Phone===$240
Sony Ericsson Xperia X1a Mobile Phone===$250
Sony Ericsson G900 Mobile Phone===$270
Sony Ericsson G700 Mobile Phone===$250
Sony Ericsson P1 Mobile Phone===$250

Samsung Phones:
Samsung i900 Omnia 16gb===$250
Samsung i900 Omnia 3G 8gb===$250
Samsung SGH-i200===$200
Samsung SPH-i770===$220
Samsung SGH-i8510 INNOV8 16GB===$240
Samsung SGH-i740===$200
Gigabyte GSmart MS808===$230
Velocity Mobile Velocity 111===$270

Navman iCN 510 32MB Vehicle GPS Navigator===$200
Garmin Nuvi 360 Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator===$250
Garmin Nuvi 680 Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator===$450
Garmin Nuvi 660 Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator===$400
Garmin Nuvi 610 Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator===$380

BlackBerry Bold 9000===$300
BlackBerry Pearl 8110===$230
BlackBerry Pearl 8120===$200
BlackBerry Curve 8320===$190
BlackBerry Curve 8310===$170
BlackBerry Curve 8300===$180
BlackBerry 8820===$160
BlackBerry 8830 World Edition===$200
BlackBerry 8800===$170
BlackBerry Pearl 8100===$150
and many more................
Blackberry Curve, Bold and Storm

Play station games
Playstation 3 40GB===$200
Playstation 3 60GB===$240
Playstation 3 80GB Motor Storm===$280
Playstation 3 80GB Metal Gear===$280
Nintendo Wii===$150
Xbox 360 Core System===$160
Xbox 360 Prenium pack===$180
Xbox 360 Platinum Bundle Console===$155
Xbox 360 Elite===$180

So kindly get back to us with your full order inquiry..............


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